The Ashley Hasn’t Bought a CD in Four Years But….

…she did spend her valuable money on Crystal Bowersox‘s CD, “Farmer’s Daughter.” I know I’ve been all about The Bowersox the last few days, but I must stress to all of you out there how good this CD really is.

The Ashley loved, loved, loved Crystal on last year’s American Idol and did a little research and found some of her pre-Idol songs. She loved them and has been happily listening (and singing badly) to them for months. I’m happy to report that many of those songs are on “Farmer’s Daughter,” only now they’re all fancy and sounding even better!!!

Like I said, I haven’t spent the money to buy a CD in over four years. (Except to buy Glambert‘s CD! But I had a gift card so I guess that doesn’t count.) Until recently there were some free places to get music (waa, I miss you Limewire). However, I want to see Crystal’s CD succeed and she is worth the money so I plopped down the money over at the and purchased it.

Please support artists that worked hard to get where they are. Crystal used to play in subway stations in Chicago for money. (Click here  to see the neat-o vintage footage of that.) She continues to work to promote diabetes awareness and seems like a nice, genuine person. This is the kind of person that deserves your money…don’t support creepy, crappy people like Kesha (I refuse to put that stupid dollar sign in her name, sorry.)

I’ll get off my soapbox. But if you want quality music, go fetch Crystal’s CD. It’s amaaaaazing!!!


Behind the Scenes of the Teen Mom2 Finale: What You Won’t See on Camera!



As you know The Ashley endured physical agony (hey, sitting in a folding chair for 12 hours counts as physical agony, ok?) to attend the Teen Mom 2 finale taping. It was worth it, because she got to see (and hear) a TON of great stuff that you won’t see on film when you watch the actual finale special! Luckily for you, she’s willing to tell you a lot of the stuff she saw!!!! (I’ll spare you any more complaining about the crappy way MTV treated its audience. If you want to read that and see photos of my Teen Mom2 adventure, you can go here.)

Early Morning:

  • The Ashley arrived at the studio (it was filmed in Glendale, not Hollywood, FYI…not very glamorous!) and saw Jenelle outside smoking with her friend (not sure of her name, but she has some pretty ug-a-licous bows tattooed on the backs of her calves….those are NOT going to be cute when she gets older and gets fat!) The Ashley is surprised that Jenelle is just a little pip-squeak of a thing…much smaller than she appears on TV.
  • The Ashley got her first glimpse of the rest of the cast when they came into the audience holding room to raid the snack table. Here are my impressions:

** Leah: Was also much, much smaller in person than you would expect. She is totally pocket-sized. She appears to have hit the AMBO self-tanner before she came on the show though.

***Chelsea: The first thing I thought when I saw Chelsea was, “Giiiirlll…that hair needs to GO.” Seriously. Worst.extensions.Ever. There were some bad extensions attached to the heads of other audience members, but Chelsea’s took the cake. It looks like a creepy bleached blonde Little Mermaid wig.

***Joe (Kail’s Baby-Daddy): Seemed like a very tense person. He also seemed like he didn’t want to be there. Being around him too much would make me nervous, because he’s so intense.



Add bright yellow shoes to this and that's what he was wearing before taping....

***Jordan (Kail’s Boyfriend): This guy is like 8 feet tall. You can’t tell from TV but he is huge! He was sporting some bright neon yellow Nikes during taping. They blinded me, but I kind of liked them

***Corey: Poor Corey seems a little overwhelmed by all this fame. He always had this look on his face that was like “I can’t believe these people all want to hear what I have to say.” He seemed like a really nice guy, and as I said in the other post, you can tell just by looking at him that he is completely, utterly in love with Leah. Sooo cute. (Oh, and he was not wearing the “coon hunter” shirt or any camouflaged attire, just so you know. The Ashley was disappointed by this. She wanted to get a picture with the coon hunter shirt.)

Anyway, here’s some stuff that you will NOT be seeing when the Teen Mom 2 finale airs:

  • Dr. Drew telling the audience that he keeps in touch with many of the Teen Moms, and that Farrah and Catelynn call him all the time. Of course, The Ashley had to ask him what he thinks about AMBO and he just shook his head and said, “Amber. Poor Amber.” LOL!!!! He was very professional though, saying that she has a lot of resources available to her if she wants to use them. AMBO does not call Dr. Drew.
    • Leah getting very upset when the producers insisted that she talk about Baby Ali’s medical problems. She asked several times if it was really necessary. I felt bad for her.
    • Chelsea and Kail leaving the set after taping the opening segment and immediately asking for their phones! Those chicks are Twitter-crazy I guess!
    • Leah wore super-cute heels on-set, but apparently they were killing her feet and she limped off stage after each segment and ended up going barefoot!
    • The feeling on set totally changed when Jenelle‘s mom Barbara came on set…you could cut the tension with a knife. In fact, Jenelle asked to stop filming and threatened to walk off the set a few times!
    • Barbara‘s accent is just as strange in person as it is on TV. That makes The Ashley happy.
    • Barbara and Jenelle were pretty much wearing matching outfits: tight black jeans, boots and stretchy floral tops. Maybe they’re more alike than they thought, eh?
    • Dr. Drew having deep discussions with each girl during commercial breaks. He seemed genuinely concerned with each girl’s situation. I seriously heart him even more now.
    • Kail said she hated the picture they had chosen for the blown-up picture for the set because it made her nose look weird. (I agree, they could have chosen a more flattering picture. She’s really pretty in person!)
    • Baby Aubree was almost kicked off set at the end because she was screaming. She wasn’t being bad, she just wanted to be with her “boyfriend” Baby Jace.
    • Leah & Corey’s girls sitting quietly in their parents’ laps…those little girls are ANGELS!!! I never heard a peep out of either one of them, despite the hot lights, the audience and the other screaming babies.
    • Chelsea‘s dad, Randy, barely able to look at Adam in the breakroom. There is a ton of tension there, it’s not just for the camera, believe me.
    • Joe saying he’s never met Kail‘s new boyfriend, Jordan. I find that hard to believe because they were both in the green room for long periods of time.
    • Dr. Drew telling Adam that he really fucked up the situation with Chelsea. I found that funny. Dr. Drew cusses a lot, but I think it’s to get the people on stage talking. Some of them were dead fish….

    Anyway, here’s a creepy video of The Ashley and The Cousin on-set of the Teen Mom 2 finale…enjoy!

    This “Teen Mom” is single! Jenelle Splits With Creepy Keifer!! Here’s What Happened….

    "Does this look like the face of a man that cheats?" Yes...but not a man that bathes...

    Looks like Jenelle is ready mingle!! The Teen Mom 2 is officially reporting that she’s “single” on her Twitter and that she hasn’t spoken to her Band-Aid-covered boyfriend, Kieffer, since Friday night.

    Here’s her latest tweet: getting tatted up 🙂 straight chillin. singleeeeee 😛

    (More on that big, ugly tattoo later…)

    What caused the split?! The Ashley can exclusively tell you guys that the split was caused by Kieffer cheating on Jenelle on Friday night (while Jenelle was in Los Angeles, about to film the Teen Mom 2 finale special!)

    According to Jenelle, Kieffer cheated on her with a girl at ‘da club (as you do). He convinced the girl that he and Jenelle were broken up and she hooked up with him. How did the Kief-ster convince this ho bag that he wasn’t with Jenelle? He gave the girl Jenelle’s number and told the girl call her! WTF?!?!?

    Kieffer admitted to Jenelle that he cheated right before she went to go tape the finale special, which is probably why she was in a terrible mood for most of the Finale taping. (Or maybe it was being around her mother…I dunno.)

    Why why why WHY all the Band-Aids?!?!?

    Anyway, Kieffer is a creep-o….and Jenelle’s good to be rid of him. He is homeless, he does lots of drugs (and not just pot, Jenelle admitted), he is creepy and covered in Band-Aids all the time, and he looks like he hasn’t showered since Reagan was president. Needs to go.

    However, The Ashley has a feeling that this isn’t the last we will see of the Kief-ster.  Jenelle likes bad boys (who don’t bathe), so he’ll be back soon enough.

    Stay away from this guy, Jenelle! You need to go find a good Mormon guy…seriously….that’s the only way you’re going to get your life on track!

    Valentine’s Day Special: The Ashley’s 10 Favorite Reality Show Couples

    It’s Valentine’s Day, which just so happens to be one of The Ashley’s favorite days of the year!! In honor of this special day, The Ashley has composed a list of her favorite reality TV show lovers.

    Now before you go arguing with me that “so and so” should be on the list, here are the requirements that I used: 1) the couple must still be together (sorry Nick & Jessica)  2) the couple must not annoy me (sorry Heidi & Spencer) and 3) the couple must have been on a reality show together or separately at some point.

    On with the show!!

    Could they be more perfect? Seriously?!

    10) Tenley & Kiptyn (Bachelor Pad)

    Tenley and Kiptyn (otherwise known as Tentyn? Kipley?) are like a human incarnation of a Disney movie couple. They managed to maintain a sappy-sweet relationship, and remain relatively wholesome, despite the fact that they were on a show that was basically just one big STD exchange. Kiptyn and Tenley met right before they started filming Bachelor Pad, and their relationship continued to bloom despite the whoring going on around them. While zip lining over Catalina, the couple made their relationship official.

    “These adventures and my relationship have inspired me to live big and do what I can to make a difference. I am so encouraged to look at life and how I live it, opening my eyes to future dreams and looking forward instead of looking back,” Tenley recently told Ladies Lounge.

    Wow…even their quotes sound like they came out of the mouth of Cinderella.

    Such a cute family!

    9) Leah & Corey (Teen Mom 2)

    These two were going to be an “Honorable Mention,” but after The Ashley met them at the Teen Mom Finale taping (click here for details), she was in awe of how in love they were and bumped them up to the Number 9 spot. Leah and Corey have had their share of drama….first a prom-night pregnancy nightmare— twins! Then Leah split up with Corey to date her ex. Then they got back together. Now they’re married and happy.

    The Ashley loves seeing two people who are so young act so mature and responsibly with their children and their relationship. The couple, who married in October, can be an inspiration for the other “Teen Mom” and “16 & Pregnant” couples on how to grow up and be in a positive relationship! Great job, kids!

    He ripped that rose out of Melissa's hands and gave it to Molly!

    8) Molly & Jason (The Bachelor)

    Molly and Jason are only the second couple to ever marry as a result of being on the Bachelor. Of course, it wasn’t all roses and rainbows for these two (well, maybe roses). You’ll remember that Jason originally kicked Molly to the curb in favor of Melissa, who he proposed to. Then, in probably the most controversial public dumping ever, Jason dumped Melissa on TV to beg Molly for another chance!!! All the women in America were screaming “Oh no he did NOT!”  at their TV screens that night! Molly gave Jason another chance and they ended up getting married in 2010! Today they seem very happy, and even Melissa got her happy ending: she’s about to give birth to her new husband’s baby. Everyone wins—yaaayyy! (Especially us Bachelor fans who got to watch the whole thing play out!)

    7) Ozzie & Sharon (The Osbournes)

    Let’s go all the way back to 2002, back when reality TV was just starting to get its groove on. MTV decided to follow the lives of Ozzie and Sharon Osborne and their creepy kids. While Kelly and Jack Osbourne annoyed the crap out of me, Sharon and Ozzie’s relationship was really sweet to watch. Sure, the man tore the head off a bat once, and sure, you could barely understand what the hell he was saying, but Sharon loved him, and Ozzie just adored her. They were odd. They were loud. But they were so cute.

    6) Rob & Amber (Survivor)

    Sure it’s easy to fall in love when you’re going on glamorous dates involving helicopters and private island (a la The Bachelor). How about when you’re dirty, exhausted and starving? Not so much. However, Rob and Amber were able to use the time they had on Survivor All-Stars to get to know each other when each was at their worse…eventually they fell in love.

    Rob told CBS News: “I found myself missing her. And asking the producers, ‘Is she OK?’ I realized that I had feelings for her, I think, when she was gone. I missed her. And that’s how I knew.”

    There was nothing left to do but propose: and Rob did so at the finale special. Eventually, the couple had the typical Wedding Two-Day Televised Extravaganza, and then followed it up with an appearance on the Amazing Race. (For once they didn’t win.) They are now living out of the spotlight (for now…these two can’t stay away forever!) and recently had a baby.

    5) Brad & Tory (Real World/Road Rules Challenge)

    Brad and Tori met while filming The Gauntlet 3. Amongst a sea of arguments, drunken twenty-somethings and STD spreading, a romance blossomed between them. Although hook-ups are nothing new for the RW/RR Challenge crew, this time it was the real thing! Tori and Brad announced their engagement and then competed on The Duel 2 together. Last season, they appeared on “The Challenge: Cutthroat” together and realized how hard it was to be a married couple in the middle of a house full of horny reality stars. They decided to throw in the reality show towel after the Challenge (hey, at least they won money.) Tori then announced that she was pregnant and is due in July.



    4) Matt & Suzy (The Biggest Loser)biggest loser

    When they began on The Biggest Loser, Matt was fat. Suzy was fat. Both were unhappy. Matt had a big chip on his shoulder from day one (along with some nasty grungy hair.) As they began to lose the weight, their friendship grew. One day, hairdresser Suzy cut off Matt’s nasty hair….and a relationship bloomed. By the finale, they were in love, with Matt taking home the big prize. They eventually got married and now have two children. Although they’ve gained some of the weight back, they still are together and seem to be happy.

    “We have a lot in common,” Matt told People Magazine. “Going through something like we went through is life-changing. We are not the same people we were before all this and we are both at a point in our lives where we know what it’s like to be fat and miserable – and what it’s like to be happy and healthy.”

    Love these guys!!!

    3) Trista & Ryan (The Bachelorette)

    You knew I was going to wheel these love muffins out at some point in this post. Although they are still in love and are the only couple that became on the Bachelor or Bachelorette to ever actually get married, I put them at Number 3 because they kind of nauseate me. Sorry.

    Every time the producers of the Bachelor need to show that “this process works,” they wheel out Trista and Ryan, who now have two kids. They married in a gaggingly-sweet ceremony that was televised on ABC in 2003. She wore shoes with huge diamonds in them…and some really ugly bangs.

    2) Catelynn & Tyler (Teen Mom)

    Who doesn’t love these two? At 16, Catelynn and Tyler decided that they didn’t want their baby to grow up in the super white trash environment that they were subjected to as kids (white trash mom, mulleted dad in jail, etc.) They chose to give their baby to a couple who could give her the life that they deserved. However, what was even more apparent during their 16 & Pregnant episode, as well as on Teen Mom, was their love for each other. Tyler supported Catelynn at all times, making millions of teenage girls (and probably some older ones too) wish that they had a Tyler too. The two have been together since junior high, and even survived their parents marrying each other. (Yeah, that sucks.) They’ve had to deal with some pretty horrible stuff in their lives, thanks to their crappy parents, but through it all, they’ve stuck together and made wise decisions.  In 2010, viewers loved them so much that they donated $15,000 to help them go to college. (You can read about that here. )

    1)   Jenna & Ethan (Survivor)

    These two get the Number 1 spot for their enduring love, despite some really tough obstacles. Technically, they didn’t actually meet while filming Survivor, but they still count! The couple met at a Survivor party. Both were previous winners of different seasons of the show (Ethan won Survivor: Africa, Jenna won Survivor: Amazon.) They began a relationship, only to be side railed with terrible news: Ethan had a rare form of Hodgkin’s disease.

    After he was diagnosed, Jenna told People Magazine: “I will fight with every fabric of my being to get him through this.”

    She kept her word, going to treatment after treatment with Ethan. After he had been in remission for a while, his cancer came back in 2009 and Jenna was right by his side.

    Today, Ethan is cancer-free and the couple is still together. Although they haven’t officially taken marriage vows, I think they proved the whole “for better or worse, in sickness and in health” already!

    The Ashley wishes her readers a very happy Valentine’s Day! If you don‘t have a special someone in your life….hug yourself! You must be a smart person if you’re reading The Ashley’s Reality Roundup! J

    Get it Girl! Crystal Bowersox Looked Stunning Last Night!

    Work it, girl!

    Is this the same girl who once had missing teeth?! Crystal Bowersox has come a long way since her dentally-impaired American Idol days!

    She looked amaaaazing in this emerald green dress last night at the Grammys. The Ashley didn’t sneak into the show this time (even The Ashley needs a day off sometimes!)

    Anyway, Crystal looked better than most of the trainwrecks I saw on the red carpet last night. And she still has her dreads. I love that she stays true to herself no matter what.

    Other than Adam Lambert, Crystal is my all-time favorite Idol!! There’s no way any of these new gals can compete with the confidence and talent of Mama Sox!!

    Get it, girl!

    The Ashley Attends the Teen Mom2 Finale Taping!!

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    The Ashley stuck out a grueling 12 hour day at the Teen Mom2 finale special taping yesterday. The horrible backache and  neck ache I received from sitting in an uncomfortable chair that long (hey, what can I say, I’m old!) was worth it because The Ashley now has the scoop on everything that’s going to happen on the Teen Mom2.

    Lucikily, I didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement….However,  The Ashley still has to be careful as to what she puts out there.

    I can however, start things off with my pics from the set.

    I can also tell you that Kailyn is super nice (and talkative.) The Cousin (who went with The Ashley) ran into her in the bathroom and Kailyn was more than happy to talk about everything. The Cousin reports that she was super nice and in love with LA! 🙂

    Leah was also extremely nice. Corey and Leah seemed so happy, even off camera (which was a relief. I was worried that they were only playing “happy family” because they were being filmed.) However, that was not that case at all. All of the other girls could learn a few things about relationships from Corey and Leah.

    Chelsea was nice too; however she didn’t interact with the audience as much. She seems like a very good mom though. Her dad was there and was sooo cute, snapping photos of his grandbaby on the set. I heart him. As for Adam….if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…therefore, I won’t say anything at all.

    Jenelle seemed very unhappy to be there the whole time (except when she was outside smoking). Since I can’t say anything about the taping, I will tell you what Jenelle herself tweeted to Dr. Drew this morning and let you figure it out yourself:

    “@drdrew sry I spazed out on stage at everyone lol I was mad

    Let’s just say this made for some good TV…too bad they won’t air most of it. Good thing Jenelle is really terrible about keeping her mouth shut so as soon as she mentions why she was so mad on her Twitter (which is inevitable), I’ll tell you guys! 🙂

    Anyway, enjoy the photos of the set! There are more coming!

    Leah & Dr. Drew & Kailyn were so kind and told us we could totally take pictures with them at the end of the show.

    However,  as soon as the cameras stopped we were told to “get out” by the security who treated us like we were scum bags. Seriously, MTV? Seriously? No photos for us.

    So glad they appreciated their audience so much. The Ashley and The Cousin weren’t even given water or food until we stormed production around the 8-hour mark and demanded some. The girl did give us food after that, however, there were a lot of girls who had not had  a morsel of food to eat or a drop of water since we got there at 10 a.m.  Seriously, MTV? You can do better! Your shows would suck if you didn’t have audience members there to cry, nod or laugh on cue for you! Geez! There were girls in there ready to cry because they were so hungry and thirsty. Really a disgrace!

    “16 & Pregnant” is Just a Series of Set-Ups, According to One Former Participant

    Say it ain’t so! The Ashley is quite happy living in her bubble, believing that 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are both completely realistic portrayals of these girls’ lives.

    However, I think we all know that’s not the case.

    "We faked it!"

    The Ashley found this super-cool interview  floating around the internet that did with the grandmother of one of the Season 3 girls, Christinna. (‘Member her? She was the one dating the guy that gave up his football scholarship to marry her before she had the baby? ‘Member the grandma was the one that was demanding Christinna have a DNA test? )

    According to Kathleen Green (aka “Get a DNA Test Grandma”), most of what we saw on this episode was fabricated, set-up or edited to portray a certain idea. NOOO! Kathleen has even contemplated suing MTV over their “devious editing.”

    So what’s real and what’s not? Kathleen breaks it down for us fans here:

    Q: Why was she so insistent that Christinna get the DNA test?

    A: According to Kathleen, The fact is, she did sleep with somebody. And since she has left here, a lot of people have come forward saying ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is true.’ When [Isiah] first found out that she slept with somebody, he said, ‘OK, we’re going to have a DNA test when Destiny is born’ and Christinna [wanted that] too. They said they were going to bring it to me and they were going to slap me in the face with it. And then when her mother came here, when she had the baby, they decided not to have the test. They said, ‘Oh, we talked about it and we decided not to have the test.’”

    “Christinna said she dated Isiah for eight months. That is not true. She met him in her senior year right before spring break. She left and went back to New York. This is when she supposedly slept with somebody. She came back from New York after spring break, on his birthday, and told him that she was pregnant.”

    Kathleen also claims that MTV actually had some incriminating footage of Christinna that they edited out for selfish reasons. Read below:

    “OK, this is it. At the end, when you hear me say, ‘I don’t want to air your dirty laundry on TV.’ That’s why I said that. Right after that, she says, ‘Yeah, but [there] was no penetration.’They edited that out. Let me tell you why I think they edited it out. After that happened and Christinna left and went to New York, she threatened not to complete the show. You know the talking part of the show [where] she has [to] narrate? They had the footage, but they didn’t have the talking part. She threatened not to do that. She left and went to New York. MTV threatened to sue her and Isiah for a million dollars.

    I think she threatened to not finish the show and the only way she was going to finish the show was for them to make her look right. That’s how I feel. They wanted her to go to New York to do it. She didn’t do it like that. She did it over the phone. Isiah told us that.”

    Holy crap! Jerry! Jerry!

    Q: Are people edited to look a certain way?

    A: Kathleen also states that MTV set-up scenes, sometimes even tricking the baby-daddy into looking bad on camera. I know that sounds like “a likely story,” but from the sounds of it, MTV producers did their best to make the baby-daddy, Isaiah look like a dick.

    ‘Member the scene where it looks like Isaiah has foolishly spent $300 on “pipes” for his car instead of buying things that the couple needs for their baby? Yeah, not true at all, says Kathleen.

    “Now let me tell you how tricky MTV is. If you notice the scene where he’s going out the door, he’s got on a short-sleeved shirt, but when he’s handing the money to the guy, he’s got on a long-sleeved shirt. That was one of MTV’s cameramen. He was giving him the change back because they gave him money for gas. The speakers that he got — he did not buy them. My daughter’s husband gave them to him. He did not have $300. He only made $240 a week. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff they did. I just couldn’t believe it.”

    Q: Is the show scripted?

    A: Sort of, says Kathleen.

    They didn’t have really a script. They would just tell us what they needed us to say. They would say stuff like, “Talk about this” or “Talk about that.” 

    Q: How come Christinna’s mom wasn’t featured on the episode?

    A: Sounds like Christinna’s mom took MTV through the ringer!!

    “MTV tried to get her to sign a release. They went to New York to talk to her. MTV got her hairs, nails and a facial done. Then the woman wouldn’t sign the release. This is how MTV got her though. She came here because Christinna was having the baby. She was still at Christinna and Isiah’s house, so she drove here. She was at the hospital when she had the baby. You can see her. She’s the one in green. They blocked her out, but you could still see her.”


    This quote has nothing to do with anything, but I just find it hysterical…get it girl!

    “We don’t want anything to do with Christinna, her mother, none of them. What we do want is for him to be happy. People are saying, “They are so bitter because they don’t have any men in their life.” Please. The men in our family decided they didn’t want to be on the show. All of us got a man. Please. Some of us got two or three. I’m just keeping it real. We got men.”


    "All of us got a man!" LOL